Service & Contract Management

In carrying out all works, we execute a status audit upon which recommendations will be drawn and forwarded to the client before commencement of actual work

All works include management, maintenance and /or supply of equipment depending on customer needs

Western Pumps services Ltd has in-house professional and experienced staff with capacity to manage any scope of works within its core business. However, the company manages a team of professional associates on individual and institutional levels respectively. The company is also recognized and affiliated to professional institutions in various African countries.

Where services may require other specialized services, we have trade alliances with firms that may offer such services in addition, with our international affiliations in other countries, the company is able to source for expert support services.

All works are headed by our operations manager whom among the other duties her responsibility constitutes and spear heads team evaluation of works, resource management and deployment of technical staff. Further, the operations manager is qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has vast experience in fluorinated plastic piping, submersible pumps, pneumatics, hydraulics, all models pump electronics to mention a few. The rest of the team is 90% technical with a larger fraction of locals

To ensure that we have fluid flow of information and communication, we have a customer care department in place that handles all queries in terms of services and spare. This is also very important because we have to uphold stipulated terms of response times that are agreed upon with the client